This blog will be a celebration of

I will be periodically posting videos, pix, lyrics, guitar tabs, comments, and other misc stuff on my favorite artists and bands - (the names will be cryptic to keep the copyright owners away, I'll add info on them in the comments). My selections will be mostly focusing on hard to find and not well know artists. Give me feedback on what other musicians I should add. If you are an unknown artist, let's hear your stuff.

The main focus of this blog will be to highlight all of the different music projects that I have been involed in over the years. I am starting an archive library that will contain everything I can manage to salvage from my past. Unfortunately so much history has been lost forever. I wish I could of have started this blog 25 years ago!

My mp3 downloads are be available at


Check in often, because I will be adding stuff almost every week. I have 30+ songs I'm remastering now to get things moving. Also check the upload dates - some stuff already there might be remixed again). Get the best mix.

Having this new outlet for my music has also inspired me to complete many songs that have been left unfinshed and to start writing new stuff. Maybe I'll even get a new band together. With the internet, I can also now do recording projects with others located anywhere in the world. What an exciting time!!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011 looking good !!!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting - too many sites, too little time. I will try to update things here soon, but for the latest - go to my ReverbNation and facebook sites. I got ProTools running good and am re-mixing many old song to be re-released. Once this is done, I got the new 2011 band project to jump into - ALL NEW SONGS !!!! Stay tuned !!!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Studio upgrade

Got my Pro Tools Digi002 out of storage after 2 years and am trying to hook it up to my new computer, but I'm getting crashes. I'll figure out the problem - maybe its the AMD chip, I never had a problem with the Intl chip computer.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A New Beginning

Going back to remix/remaster the old stuff has lead me on a path back into playing/writing again! A first I just picked up the guitar to re-record a few parts. Then this site reconnected me with my old bandmates. Now we have a new recording project in the works. And, it looks likes were gonna film a concert video this summer with old and new material.
Everything is very exciting for me, especially playing again.
Stat tuned!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HEY DAN (from Skylab Studio)

The song EVERYTHING is an example of the stuff I want you to maybe help me with. I got about 30 songs I might want to do work on. I want to get presentable re-works of this stuff for archive / exposure. Maybe I will get a singer to re-do all of the vocals, since I am not a singer that can really do justice to these songs.

All of the songs I recorded at Skylab with MEER CONTROL only still existed on cassette tape when I remastered them and turned them into mp3s here. Maybe we can fix them up also (I got some on older posts with them on this blog).