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I will be periodically posting videos, pix, lyrics, guitar tabs, comments, and other misc stuff on my favorite artists and bands - (the names will be cryptic to keep the copyright owners away, I'll add info on them in the comments). My selections will be mostly focusing on hard to find and not well know artists. Give me feedback on what other musicians I should add. If you are an unknown artist, let's hear your stuff.

The main focus of this blog will be to highlight all of the different music projects that I have been involed in over the years. I am starting an archive library that will contain everything I can manage to salvage from my past. Unfortunately so much history has been lost forever. I wish I could of have started this blog 25 years ago!

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Check in often, because I will be adding stuff almost every week. I have 30+ songs I'm remastering now to get things moving. Also check the upload dates - some stuff already there might be remixed again). Get the best mix.

Having this new outlet for my music has also inspired me to complete many songs that have been left unfinshed and to start writing new stuff. Maybe I'll even get a new band together. With the internet, I can also now do recording projects with others located anywhere in the world. What an exciting time!!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

EVERYTHING - a 2010 remaster from the 2002 Home Demo

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  1. This is the 1st song from an 18 song demo I did in 2002. Sorry that its me singing, but I never went on to record with a full band. Its all just me.